World Class Experience, Service, and Quality

B & N Sheet Metal is a World Class Manufacturer with more than three decades of experience, delivering a fine sheet metal product to our customers.  Based out of the northern Twin Cities, MN community of Wyoming, MN, B & N delivers quality sheet metal products to clients throughout the world.

B&N Sheet Metal - state of the art sheet metal design, fabrication and manufacturing located in the northern Twin Cities community of Wyoming, MN.

Our personnel are experienced in management, production, engineering quality assurance and production control.  The past performance of the company has assured our customers of a quality product at a competitive price and prompt delivery.

Our facility is complete with the latest in shearing, laser-cutting, laser/punching combo, forming equipment, and product assembly.  We also have complete welding, spot welding and light machining capabilities.

B & N Sheet Metal utilizes a computerized order entry job tracking system that serves as an accurate and reliable tool for cost analysis and machine loading.

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