Our new addition... the Amada FOM2 3015NT laser

At B&N Sheet Metal, our dedication to our customers just got even stronger.  With our new, state-of-the-art Amada FOM2 3015NT laser with the MP-Flex loading system, one of the world's fastest, most powerful lasers, B&N Sheet Metal can now offer its customers in the electronic, transportation, agricultural, medical and recreational fields, faster and more cost-efficient laser cutting.  This new Amada laser features a high-speed cutting head, and a cut process monitor for quality.  Plus it's unbelievably fast.  This technological marvel can cut average boxes, chassis and enclosures in less than 45 seconds.  It can handle aluminum, stainless steel, and steel as thick as 1", as long as 120", and as wide as 60".

No matter what size of your order is, from prototypes to high volume production runs, your specialty component parts will be laser cut quickly and affordably.