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Since our inception in 1976, B&N Sheet Metal, Inc. has provided precision sheet metal cutting, fabrication and assembly services to the telecommunication, recreation, medical and computer industries as well as many other industrial applications.  Our professional staff is well trained to deliver superior design work and efficient production of high quality components to rigid specifications.  With the most technologically advanced equipment and a 30,000 square foot facility, B&N is capable of meeting all your metal needs.

Programming and Engineering

Precision Laser Cutting Sheet Metal equipment used by B&N Sheet Metal  in Wyoming, MN.

  • Key Creator 9.0 3D Direct Modeling
  • Radan CAD/CAM, The world's most powerful sheet metal CAD CAM software



  • Amada Shear, 10 ft.
  • Amada Shear, 8 ft.


Laser Cutting/Punching

  • Amada FOM2 3015NT 5000 Watt laser with the MP-Flex loading system
  • LVD Helius, 3000 Watt Hybrid Laser Cutting Machine (can cut up to 3/4" thick steel, 3/8" SST, and 5/16" aluminum)
  • Strippit FC 1250X Turret Punches with 1500 Watt Rofin Lasers and Auto Index
  • Strippit FC 1000 SX Turret Punch with Auto Index
  • Strippit FC 1000 SXP/30 with Auto Index
  • Strippit Super 30-30 Punching Machine



Precision Laser and Metal Fabrication for Sheet Metal products by B&N Sheet Metal in Wyoming, MN.

  • Amada HFB2204 CNC Press Brake 14 ft., 242 Ton, 8-Axis Backgauge (can form up to 8ft of 1/2" material)
  • Amada Alpha Finebender CNC Press Brake, 10 ft.
  • Amada Alpha Finebender CNC Press Brakes, 8ft
  • Amada Alpha Finebender CNC Press Brake, 6 ft.
  • Amada Alpha Finebender CNC Press Brake, 4 ft.
  • Amada RG80 Press Brake with CNC Control, 8 ft.




Spot Welding

  • Amada ID404HP-NT Spotwelder, 80 KVA
  • Amada ID 404 ST Spotwelder 80 KVA
  • Spotwelder 30 KVA



  • Cordax 1808-MH MEA Coordinate Measuring
  • Mitutoyo Gage Block Set, .0625 to 2.000
  • Pin Gage Set, .062 to 1.000

    Superior Quality Superior Standard in Sheet Metal Design and Fabrication by B&N Sheet Metal in the Twin Cities community of Wyoming, MN

  • Mitutoyo 12" Height Master
  • Tumico 19" Dial Height Gage
  • Dowall 24" x 36" x 5" Grade A Surface Plate
  • Mitutoyo Slide Veneers, 24"
  • Mitutoyo Dial & Digital Veneers, 12"
  • Mitutoyo Micrometers
  • Thread & Radius Gage Sets



  • Apex belt and brush Sander, 36"
  • Straightliners, 8 ft.
  • Complete Welding and Grinding Facilities
  • Machine Shop
  • Haeger Hardware Presses with Auto Feed


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